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Natural Remedies for Headaches

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Headache is a very common symptom. I’m sure everybody must have experienced a headache. When things go overboard, you may start feeling headaches, some may get a migraine headache. Some time it is very frustrating. Headaches are sometimes unbearable as it affects your focus, your work, and even your senses.

There are over 100 types of headaches. Among those, the most common headaches are migraine headaches because of the weak nervous system and weak circulation. Headaches because of stress, sinusitis. Also hormonal headaches because of menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

So let’s discussed few techniques which should give you quick relief from your headache:

Drink Ginger Green Tea

Ginger helps to ease nausea, which is because of a severe migraine. A person with such a headache should try this ginger green tea.

According to experts, this ginger powder eases migraine severity. So have a warm ginger green tea when you have a headache.

Do Yoga to Cure Headache

Yoga can be beneficial for curing headaches. In yoga, there is a technique called Kapal Randhra Dhouti, which can be really helpful in relieving headaches through facial and head massage. As it activates your facial nerves and supplies proper blood to your brain.

How to do Kapal Randhra Dhouti?

‘Kapal’ means forehead or face.

‘Randhra’ means massage.

  • Rub your forehead with your fingers 10 times.
  • Gently press your eyebrows from the center towards the end.
  • Repeat till the pain disappear.
  • Move your hand around your cheeks, in and out, and move your hands around your ears in and out.
  • Then move your fingers into your hair and make a fist of your fingers to pull your hair.

Hair pulling really helps in increasing the circulation to the surface region and helps you to relieve the pain.

Yoga Asanas for Curing Headaches

Here are some asanas which you should do regularly, not when you have a headache. These should be done in a routine so that you don’t get headaches.

So the first asana is Hastapadasana. Here, stand straight, head back straight while inhaling raise your arms both from the front and upon your head to go backward. Bend backward, breathe in fully and while exhaling, start bending forward to slowly touch your toe. The Head should go in. A good amount of supply goes to your head.

Stay there for six seconds, come up inhaling again and come back to your normal position.


Second asana is Yogamudra. Here you are sitting in Sukhasana position, holding your hands back and now first inhaling stretch your shoulders backward and while exhaling bent slowly in front. Stay in this position, relax your shoulders for some time, stay for 5 6  seconds rather than 10 seconds comfortably, and then inhaling, come back to your normal position, and relax your arms. This is a very simple posture and a person should do it regularly.


The third asana would be Setu Bandhasana. Here you are lying down with your head, back everything straight. Now fold your legs towards your bottom, both the legs. Keep your both arms on the side, and now try and lift your buttocks, your back upwards while inhaling. Stay in that position for some time with lifted body up. It is a very good posture to relax the muscles. And then, while breathing out, come back to your normal position.


The fourth asana would be Balasana. Here you sit in a Vajrayana position and then bend forward, try and touch your head to the ground, stretch your arms straight or keep your arms on the side, but feel totally relaxed. Bend forward, stay there for some time and then come up breathing in.


So these are few postures, which would really help increasing circulation to your head as well as relaxing your muscles.

Relieve from Headache through Deep Relaxation

Most of our headaches are because of stress, tension, and lack of energy. So we have to rebuild our energy, release our tension.

So learn to relax well. In yoga, certain relaxation postures are there.

1. Nispandha Bhav

Nispandha Bhav is a motionless state of your mind.

Here you sit, stretch your legs, keep your arms relaxed, take the support of the wall or your chair and relax. Then your mind has to be focused on some sound that is there in the outside atmosphere. Some sound like the chirping of birds, passing of the train, cars, buses, or such sounds, people talking around.

Just listen to sounds around and this listening has to be passive listening. If some sound is too loud, which can cause a headache to move your mind to another sound so that sound will not bother you.

Nispandha Bhav

Nispandha Bhav is the technique that could be done in the house with your legs stretched with the support of the wall or in the office you can do that in between intermittently whenever possible. So try and do that. Do this technique for 5-10 minutes and you will see the immediate effect.

2. Savasana

The Sava, corpse pose. 

You have to just learn to die from the world for 5-10 minutes, you are not there for the world, just lie down and relax your body, stretch your legs, keep them away a little bit from each other, keep your arms also a little away from your body and take a nice position, which you feel is relaxing position, and now try and let go your body weight to the ground one by one.


So right from your toe to your knee, to your hips just see that little parts of your body are just relaxed. You should keep dropping your body parts to the gravity and you are relaxed. Stay in this position for some time and come up refreshed, energetic. Practice this for 5-10 minutes.  It would really do good. Whenever you get a chance to lie down, lie down and do this Shavasana.

3. Sukhasana

It’s a simple meditative technique where you are sitting with your legs crossed, very comfortably both arms on your side on the knee and then you close your eyes and just see that you don’t pamper the thoughts, your mind is kept on your breaths.  Just watch your breath, thoughts will come don’t pamper them. They will come and they will go.


Slowly your mind will become calmer and calmer, your whole body would be relaxed. Your facial muscles would be totally relaxed. Keep a little smile on your face when you are doing this and you will see the benefit of 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes whenever possible do this meditation that would help you to relax. All these relaxing techniques would effectively calm your mind down and you feel your headache slowly disappearing.

Address The Cause.

All these techniques are going to give you the relief you’ll be free from pain, but then you should know why headache? Getting headaches and doing this technique is one aspect,  but you have to go to the cause. Why did you get a headache? What is the cause behind it? And you have to work on that cause and that would be a permanent solution for your headaches.

Do not think about the outcome of your work, have faith, think that whatever will happen will happen for your own good. Whatever result comes would come for your own good. Surrender to the god’s wish or to the plan of the universe.

All the problems, all the headaches, pains, and aches are because of our thinking only know.



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