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How to Build a Website using WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Build a Website using WordPress A Beginner’s Guide

A Website is an important tool for marketing your products and promoting your content. It gives the flexibility to publish your thoughts and express your thoughts.

Here in this article, I am going to explain how you can quickly create a website using WordPress. After reading this article you will learn to build a website without any codes. Just drag and drop and your website will be ready with WordPress.

There are various ways in which you can use WordPress to build a website. But the simplest way to deploy WordPress for your website is to get a managed WordPress. Here in this article, we will continue with managed WordPress with Godaddy.com.

So before you start, you first need to have a domain name, i.e. the name of your website. You can find a domain name by following the link below. Follow the steps mentioned to find a domain.

Find a Domain Name

If you already have a domain name then skip this step. If not then follow this link ‘Get a Domain Name’.  As we are using GoDaddy for this article, you will find hyperlinks for Godday.com.

Steps to follow for getting a Domain Name: 

  • Type the name and click search domain
  • Type your Domain Name and select the extension you want.
  • If your domain name with desired extension is available, then you can purchase the domain name for your website by adding it to cart.
  • Checkout your purchase.

Steps to follow for getting a Hosting: 

Hosting is the place where the files of your website are stored. You can get a hosting plan from various hosting providers. Here in this article, I have selected Godaddy Hosting for this purpose. Follow the steps below to get hosting for your site.

  • Go to Godaddy.com.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Visit the Hosting Solution page
  • Select a hosting plan and add to cart
  • Select the term length for your hosting plan. You can pick hosting plan varied from 1 (one) month to 36 (thirty six) months. If you buy hosting plan for longer period then you may get some discounts.

Steps to follow for connecting your domain name to the Hosting Plan:

After getting the domain name and hosting plan, you need to connect them for building your website. Follow the steps to do it easily.

  • Go to web hosting panel on Godaddy.com
  • Select Manage
  • Then select add a website
  • Enter the domain name in add a website field.
  • Once verified your domain name will be connected to your hosting name.

How to install WordPress in your Hosting to build your Website?

Once you connect the domain name to the hosting account, in the final step you can install WordPress to your hosting. As I have already mentioned there are various ways to install or deploy WordPress into your site. But the effective way to do that is using managed hosting from Godaddy.com

  • Go to Gadaddy.com
  • Select managed WordPress.
  • Here you can select a plan for your website and you are ready to go.

Alternatively, as you already have your domain name connected to hosting, you can follow the steps below to deploy WordPress.

  • Go to Go Daddy.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to Web Hosting
  • Then deploy WordPress from there.

How to access the Admin Panel of your WordPress Website?

There are two ways in which you can access the ‘Admin Dashboard’ of your WordPress website.

  • Firstly, go to hosting, and then select manage.
  • The following window will be opened.
  • As you can see the text Admin below your domain name. Click the text to go to the WordPress admin dashboard of your website.

Alternately, you can simply go to www.example.com/wp-admin. This will take you to the admin login panel of your website. I am using the domain name www.example.com as an example in this article; you type your domain name instead of <example.com> i.e. www.<your domain name> .com/wp-admin. By default, the login page of your WordPress will be like shown in the image below. You will get login credentials from the web hosting page of Godaddy.com.

How to manage your WordPress Website?

Till now you have a domain name and hosting, also you have deployed WordPress to build your website and to manage it. Your website can be managed through the WordPress dashboard, which looks as below:

Screenshot of WordPress Admin Dashboad

In the dashboard, you will find tools to set the appearance of your site, write posts, and create pages, and plugins to perform a specific job on your website.

Let’s get started with appearance, the appearance of your website can be changed with some build-in or downloadable themes. You can select themes based on your need and the purpose of the website. You can get themes for any type of website like a portfolio, news portal, blog, services, e-Commerce website, etc.

How to get a theme for your WordPress website?

You can add a theme from the admin dashboard of your WordPress website

  • Login in into your admin dashboard
  • Go to appearance and then themes.
  • Select the theme you want for your website or click Add New for getting more themes.
  • From Add New, you can install any theme by clicking “Install” that appear on hovering over any theme.
  • Activate the theme by clicking “Activate”.

After installing and activating your theme your website will look professional and you are ready to customize it a little bit to make it more attractive and meaningful. As I have selected the theme ‘Twenty Seventeen’ therefore the screenshot is for the particular theme. But in your case, the preview may be different.

How to customize the appearance of your website?

Some of the elements of customization of the theme such as changing the logo and tagline of your website can be done directly from Appearance > Customise. But for doing some major customization, you might need a website builder. There are a lot of website builders available on the WordPress platform. But the most powerful website builder is Elementor.

Elementor is a simple website builder in which you can drag and drop elements to your WordPress website. Elementor can be installed on your website by adding it as a plugin. Elementor plugin has some of the add-ons which you can install to do a lot of useful stuff.

How to install a plugin into your WordPress website?

Plugins are tools specially developed to perform a specific task in WordPress websites. For example, the Elementor plugin is used for building and customization your website. Some other plugins perform tasks like e-Commerce, embed, feed, and create forms, etc.

  • Go to Plugin > Add New
  • Type name of the plugin you required.
  • Click Install Now.
  • After installing the plugin > Click Activate.
  • After installing the plugin the same will be appeared on specified position of navigation panel in admin dashboard. From there you can use the plugin.

How to create pages of WordPress website?

A website is a collection of web pages designed for showcasing products and services. These pages are also used for presenting blogs and articles to the audience. In WordPress, the pages can be built and published from the admin dashboard. Follow the steps below to create the pages of your website.

  • Go to admin panel and login i.e. www.<your domain name>.com/wp-admin
  • Navigate to pages > Add Pages

Alternatively, you can add pages from Add New > Pages from the top menu of the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Screenshot as below:

After adding the page, add a title to the page then click publish. Once published you can now edit the page with Elementor by clicking the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button on the top.

How to edit a page with Elementor?

A web page can be edited with Elementor by using Drag and drop elements available in the Elementor platform.

  • Go to Edit with Elementor, Click on Add New Section Icon in the middle.
  • Select the structure you need for your page, here I am using a two column structure.
  • Now drag the element you need from elements and drop in the desired column of the structure added in previous step.

Once changes are made click publish to make the page visible on your website.

In this way, you can customize the header, footer, and body area of your pages. Create Service pages, About Us page, Privacy Policy page with Elementor drag and drop elements.

What are the important pages in a Website?

A website can have many ages, but some of the important pages that every website must have are:

  1. Home Page.
  2. About Page.
  3. Privacy Policy.
  4. Services / Products Page(s).
  5. Contact Page

You can design and customize the pages using the drag and drop feature of Elementor or any other website builder compatible with WordPress. To get ideas to design these pages, explore websites of your competitors or any other relevant website that you like.

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I have explained everything to kick start the launch of your WordPress website. Follow the steps to create your website. If you have any other queries related to WordPress, mention that in the comment section below. Once you launch your website, join our complete WordPress course for free.


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