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Blogging platforms for new blogger

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Choosing the proper blogging platform before starting your blog is vital, as blogging is far quite writing or posting photos.

Blogging platforms enable the blogger to blog articles, reviews or experiences, etc (which is named posts), which will be delivered through an internet site, email, social networks, etc.

Choosing the proper blogging platform before starting your blog is vital, as blogging is far quite writing or posting photos.

A blogging platform may be a software or online service that permits you to write down and publish your content on the web, and anyone with access to a lively internet connection can check and skim your content. A blogging platform provides you a content management system that permits you to manage and keep track of your content online.

There are many blogging platforms out there that provide users with a free blog on their service with optional upgrades.

If you would like a free blogging platform that you simply are often installed and self-host on your own server, then you’ll choose WordPress or Blogger. But there are more options available for you.

Basically, you would like to settle on the proper platform that meets your blogging requirements.

The following are the simplest blog website builder to kick-start your blogging success:


WordPress is that the most used blogging platform (around 33% of the internet) and it’s still growing. But there are two versions of WordPress – the self-hosted version (WordPress.org) and therefore the fully managed WordPress.com version. In WordPress.org, you’ll only download the free WordPress software then you would like to get a separate web hosting plan for it and install the software on your server. On the opposite hand, everything is managed for you in WordPress.com – you’ll just check in and make your first blog during a minute or two.

Key features of WordPress are:

Free on WordPress.com
Easier to line up and manage
Updates are manageable
Free hosting
Unlimited bandwidth
Integrated spam protection
Very high security
Nearly no downtime


Wix.com is another leading online platform for a blogger and web builder that permits you to line up a blog site uickly and simply. This hosted platform started as an internet site builder tool (it powers over 3.8 million websites). However, lately, they’ve been tapping into a blogging vertical with a selected blog website builder offer. You don’t need any prior coding experience or web development expertise to create a blog with Wix.

  • Key features of Wix.com are:
  • Customizable templates
  • Mobile-responsive blogs
  • SEO Optimization
  • Freedom to style
  • Third-party integrations
  • Comprehensive site builder


Blogger may be a free blogging platform from Google that gives a secure and reliable thanks to create your blog. Launched in 1999 and later acquired by Google, the most key feature of blogger is that you simply don’t need a hosting provider to urge started. you’ll check in into blogger.com employing a Google account – you’ll be asked to follow the straightforward guidelines provided by the platform to form it easy for you to make a blog.

  • Key features of Blogger are:
  • No hosting platform required
  • Easy and convenient
  • Easy to use templates
  • Blog analytics
  • Secure storage
  • Featured ads by integrating it with Google AdSense

These are a number of the leading blogging platforms. Other platforms also are there like TypePad.com, Tumblr.com, Postach.io, Ghost.org, etc.

Ghost.org is additionally called – Best WordPress alternative & Tumblr.com is one among the simplest microblogging platforms.

Choose a platform from the above and happy blogging.


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