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Ten trending Blogging Niches in 2021

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If you love to communicate your thoughts through words, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin your own blog page. A blog page may be a decent income source, as you can procure through partnered advertisements and supported posts.

If you are planning to start your blog, then it is the best idea to pick a niche to focus on.

Sound like either nitch or neesh (depend upon how extravagant you need to sound), a niche is basically a little and particular market. A niche can be a subject or anything of your advantage or any slanting theme that you will be interesting to blog on.

For example, people who have pictures of cats on all their T-shirt, Cushion, and Blankets? Those cat-printed products may be a good niche— just like homemade cakes, bakery, pickles, sweets, or for a specific game, and gadgets, or technology.

Basically, niche markets are simply reader-focused markets. The more you can limit your objective client gathering, the more specialty you become.

The following are ten niches and topic (sub-niche) you may cover in your blogs:


banks, brokerages, internet startups, financial advisors, credit unions, alternative lenders, etc.


yoga classes, benefits of yoga, diet before yoga, diet after yoga, etc.


the origin of Ayurveda, research and devolvement on Ayurveda, Ayurvedic medicine (if you have knowledge on ayurvedic medicine), benefits of Ayurveda, modern lifestyle and need of Ayurveda, etc.


street fashion, outfit for different events/occasions, clothing material, fashion reviews, brand reviews, etc.


news on a particular topic like entertainment/gossips, regional news, sports news, movie review/celebrity review.


photos, pet food, adoption process, basics before adopting a pet, maintenance of pet, cost, medicine, precautions, etc.


survival in lockdown, whether survival, survival in the forest, survival in disease, survival in the disaster, etc.

Work from ideas:

successful home business, profitable home business ideas, home business ideas with low startup costs, niche business ideas, home-based business for women’s, etc.

Home Decor:

crafting ideas, bamboo art, painting ideas, gardening ideas, plantation tips, DIYs, etc.


Ingredients for different recipes, best herbs healthy living, baking ideas, selecting best kitchen tools ideas, kitchen counter organizing tips, easy kitchen cleaning ideas, etc.

So try to determine the goals of your blog, pick the right niche, and bang on. But before starting your first blog post research your competitors & choose a blogging platform & hosting. Read my article on Blogging platforms for new blogger for more information and read Basic requirements of blogging: explained in 5 Simple Steps before start writing.

These are the ten trending Blogging Niches in 2021. I hope you can start blogging now. If you find this article useful and learned about how to write a blog, then please comment “yes”. If you have anything related to the topic you can comment below too.


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