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Basic Requirements of Blogging: Explained in 5 Simple Steps

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Blogging is simply focused on what you’re writing and publishing online. Anyone can start a blog, and begin writing on various topics, thoughts, reviews, news, etc. But there are some basic requirements of blogging. In this article, I will explain in five simple steps how to start blogging.

Step 1: Select an ideal niche for your blog

A niche may be a subject or anything of your advantage or any slanting theme that you simply are going to be interesting to blog on. Without selecting an ideal niche, visitors might not be ready to add up what your blog is ‘about,’ and this will impact your retention rates.

After you blog a few times and if you realize that your blog’s niche isn’t right, then you’ll change your niche anytime. Also Read: Ten trending blogging niches in 2021

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform

A blogging platform may be a software or online service that permits you to write down and publish your content on the web, and anyone with access to a lively internet connection can check and skim your content. A blogging platform provides you a content management system that permits you to manage and keep track of your content online.

eg. Blogger, WordPress, Wix, etc.

Choosing the proper blogging platform before starting your blog is vital, as blogging is far quite writing or posting photos. There are many blogging platforms out there that provide users with a free blog on their service with optional upgrades. Also Read: Blogging platforms for new blogger

Step 3: Pick a Domain name

Domain name is the URL through which your blogs will be available to your reader. The domain name may be your brand name or anything, according to your preference. For example, in the case of my website, News Facts Today is the brand name and www.newsfactstoday.com is the domain name.

Step 4: Get an internet hosting account

In the initial days, you can start blogging without a hosting account on Blogger, WordPress, or on any other platform. But once your blogs start getting traffic, then at that point, you’ll need a hosting account for your blog to regulate the traffic and manage your blog properly.

Without a hosting account, your site will be slow in high traffic and readers may find it difficult to access your content.

Some of the hosting providers are GoDaddy, Hostinger, BlueHost, etc.

Step 5: Write content and promote your blog

After these, you’ve got to write down content on your selected niche, as copying other author’s content isn’t called blogging.

So Writing content on your own is extremely important in blogging. Try to write your first blog, it’s considerably easier and interesting if you select the right niche and excellent blogging platform for your blogs.

You can also read my article on How to write a blog post for beginners? 10 Quick tips to write a blog post (2021).
These are the basic requirements of blogging. I tried to explain in five simple steps, hope you can start blogging now. If you find this article useful and learned about how to write a blog, then please comment “yes”. If you have anything related to the topic you can comment below too.


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