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How to find readers for your blog posts: 10 points checklist to do it easily

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Blogging is an essential tool in this modern marketing world. It helps to promote your products and services and to reach more people online. If you have writing skills, you can choose to write blogs in your extra time. Some successful bloggers have already adopted blogging as their full-time profession.

If you are a beginner in blogging, then you must be wondering how to find readers for your online content. Since I started to blog, the hardest point was to get the reader’s attention. As already told a blog is an essential tool in the modern marketing world, and finding the right reader for your content can give you more opportunities to grow.

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For every new blogger, it’s normal to take some time to gain expertise. For getting the reader’s attention you have to channelize your efforts with proper planning and understanding. Blogging is one of the best platforms which helps you to attract your audience and retain them for a longer period. Blogs help you in getting organic visitors from search engines, and that organic traffic gets growing over time. No matter what niche or industry you are writing blogs in, you can attract organic traffic from these search engines.

So, here it starts. Following are 10 points to find readers for your blog post

If your content is great, then it’s true that you will get organic audiences from search engines. But for better performance of your content and to retain an audience for a longer period, you might need proper strategies. Here in this article, I will discuss how to find readers for your blog post.

In the following ten points, you will go through strategies to attract your audience. Always remember, if you are using the proper strategy, getting your first 1,000 subscribers is not hard as it sounds.

Point #1: Create a Great Content

Discussing the whole topic without a content is meaningless. Right? So, the first point to do is to create a great content.

What do you understand by great content? Contents can be great in many ways. If your content revolves around a great idea, has a purpose, and fulfills the needs of your reader then it is great content. There are a lot of ways to discover great ideas for your blog post. The best way to do that is to do content research.

Best way to write great content

Spend time to do research on the idea, focus on the purpose and try to provide what your audience needs. Discover topics that your audience cares about, do research on keywords, format your piece of content into paragraphs and use meaningful images and infographics.

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Using images and infographics makes your blog more interesting to read and dividing the content into paragraphs increases its readability.

Point #2: Reach your Audience

Great content deserves audiences. If your article contains everything that your reader wants to read, then reach out to the audience so that they get the information from your content. There are many ways by which you can reach your audience. Sharing your content on social media with an attractive title, serve a newsletter to the subscriber, and backlinking your content can help you to reach your audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, etc. play a very important role in attracting the audience and increase page views. Another way in which you can reach your audience is by answering questions of the audience through platforms like Quora, Medium, etc.

Issuing regular or periodical newsletters to subscribers can also help a lot to increase your audience. These newsletters can be sent to the subscribers through email, WhatsApp, telegram, or any other form of communication. Backlinking your blogs to other content on the web can also lead to more audiences.

How to reach audience?
How to reach audience?

Don’t assume your content will reach the audience instantly on its publication. It needs some time to take its route to the right audience. Till then you have to be patient and focused. While having organic traffic to your content by following these methods, you can also attract an audience through paid campaigns, advertisements, and events. How you can get the audience through campaigns, advertisements, and events are discussed in the next point.

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Point #3: Paid Traffic to Content

Blogging is not just writing contents online. It’s a lot more than that. To be successful, sometimes you may need to promote your content. These promotions can be carried out using advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Advertisements bring the content to the right audience. Using analytics and advertisement insights you can track reach of your content. These advertisements can be customized as a campaign by filtering your targeted audience. In social platforms you might noticed sponsored posts, these are the paid contents. These advertisement are designed using algorithms, and are shown according to user preferences.

If your blog have a food blog having 100+ of recipes, you can run advertisement on these platforms targeting people who love cooking. By filtering targeted audience, you can attract a large group of people to your content interested in your topic.

For example,

If you have a food blog with 100+ recipes, you can run advertisements on these platforms targeting people who love cooking. By filtering the targeted audience, you can attract a large group of people to your content interested in your topic.

Use relevant banners, posters, infographics, etc. to attract more people to your advertisement. With a higher number of people attracted to the advertisement, you will have a higher chance of getting more readers to your content.

Canva is a good platform to create designs for your advertisements. You can find a useful templates, photos and ideas for your design. Canva also provides a wide range of other templates for every blogger that can edited into beautiful designs for free.

Point #4: Call-to-Action

Even if your content answers exactly everything that your reader looking for, but chances are very high that they will read that one article, and leave your blog forever. So, you have to encourage them to read more articles and participate in comments. You can ask them to comment their views, suggestions, stories or anything relevant to your article.

Statistically 70% of viewers visit a blog and never return back to it, as they forget your blog name. To minimize this risk, you can ask them to subscribe to your blog. Therefore it is very important to grab the attention of your reader, and convince them to subscribe to your blog.

There are various ways to create a Call-to-Action. Some of these techniques that you can use in your blog are high converting opt-in forms, exit intent pop-ups, slide-ins, floating bars, inline opt-ins, after post opt-ins etc.

Example of Call-to-Action: Designed with Canva

Pop-up are incredibly the best solution to get attention of the reader. Using these pop-ups more visitor to your blog is likely to respond to the call-to-Action. However, these pop-ups can be annoying sometimes and decreases readability of your content. Place your pop-ups in a planned way so that, it serves the purpose and do not disturb the readers experience.

If you don’t want to apply these pop-ups to your blog, then you can use after post opt-ins. After reading a post the reader is primed and ready to subscribe. These after post opt-in techniques encourage the reader to provide their email address and subscribe to the blog.

Point #5: Bribe to Become Subscribers

Mere asking your readers to become subscribers of your blog may not be enough be convince them. Sometime, you have to bribe your audience to subscribe. You can bribe your audience by giving them something in return for their subscription. Bribe can be anything that you can give to your reader for free or on discount.

You can provide free newsletters on a subscription or some access passes to unlimited free content. Redeemable coupons and vouchers are also provided by some bloggers to their subscribers. I recommend using a lead magnet or opt-in bribe because it gives the subscriber in exchange for their subscription. Sometimes, a simple checklist, pdf, cheat sheet, or worksheet can be a powerful incentive for the readers to become subscribers.

how to bribe your reader
Example of an ebook lead magnet: Designed with Canva

Providing a lead magnet is more effective than just asking for subscriptions for free. You can make your lead magnet more attractive by using eBooks, audio files, etc. Find popular posts in your blog using Google Analytics, then copy the content to your wordprocessor like MS-word or Google Docs and save it as an eBook in PDF format. Then upload the eBook to the cloud server like google drive and share the downloadable link with your reader as an incentive for their subscription.

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These lead magnets may not work for every visitor to your site. Every visitor has different tastes and different needs. Therefore, for getting more responses you can build targeted opt-ins. We will discuss that in the next point.

Point #6: Build Targeted Opt-ins

Opt-in readers are the subscribers of your blog. You can email them newsletters, coupons, offers, etc. as they provide you consent for sending emails. Subscribers are the people who help you to improve your skills and blogs. Therefore to attract more subscribers you can build targeted Opt-ins customized according to the content of the page.

Targeted Opt-ins are the forms used to attract readers to subscribe to a specific category or page of your blog. By subscribing to a category or page, you can send related posts or articles of the category to the subscribers as a newsletter. Opt-in forms help you to grow more audience.

Building a targeted Opt-ins may sound like difficult work. But by following some techniques you can do it easily. One of the easiest ways to do this is by building Opt-ins for two to three posts of each category. Initially, two to three targeted Opt-ins per category can make a huge difference in the number of subscribers.

Example of targeted Opt-ins

If you have relevant Opt-ins on a page, there is a high chance of getting more subscribers. Another recommended method of doing this is Content Upgrade i.e. is basically upgrading the most popular post of your blog. To do this, you have to identify the most popular post on the blog and offer that post in different formats like audio files or video files. You can also hide a part of your post for your subscribers. In that situation, the reader has to subscribe to your blog for reading the whole post.

Point #7: Subscriber Landing Pages

One of the highly effective techniques for getting more subscribers is to build landing pages for Opt-ins. This page is basically designed to attract and convince readers to become subscribers. You can build landing pages that explain,

  • Benefit of subscribing.
  • Type of content or newsletter you will send on their email.
  • Frequency of email.
  • Any bonus, offer, discount or coupon that the reader will get on subscription.
  • Social media platforms of your blog.

Once you build the landing page, link it to the Opt-in form of your blog. Landing pages help you in getting more subscribers as it explains everything about benefits of being a subscriber. You can also promote your landing pages by linking them to your social media platforms, or by running online advertisements.

Point #8: Guest Author to your blog

Guest authors are the people who writes their content for other’s blog. If you provide that option, people will come to your blog to write their own experiences and knowledge. This will help you in getting more traffic, as the readers will get more content to read on the same blog. In this way, reader of the guest author can become subscriber of your blog.

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Keeping it short, the guest authors can have a huge impact on growth f your subscribers. But one think you should keep in mind, check quality and authenticity of the content before publishing any post from the guest author.

Point #9: Podcasts & Videos

In blogging, you have to be very active in every form of communication to your audience. You should never waste any opportunity to build new audiences or to connect with your existing audiences.

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Appearance on podcasts and videos helps you to reach more audiences. This also forwards a positive massage to your reader. You can participate in online discussions, expert roundups, etc. to connect to your audience. The more you connect to your audience, higher the chance of getting their responses.

Point #10: Customized email

Till now, you have learned about how to reach more people and ways to convince your reader to become a subscriber. But the hardest part is to retain the subscribers for a longer time. What you can do to retain your subscribers?

Email marketing is a powerful tool to get retain your subsriber. If a subscriber likes your content, then he is likely to stick with your blog. But, audience taste changes very fast. Therefore, you have to be very careful to retain them. Customized emails can be sent to the subscribers for making them more attracted to your blog. Some of the key elements to be considered while sending email to your subscribers are,

  • Make the email sharable and giving the subscriber a reason to share your mail.
  • Make sure your emails are useful and not annoying to your subscribers.
  • Add Call-to-Action to your emails, like share with friends, comment on the content, etc.
  • Add social media buttons in your email to attract people to your social media pages.

Sending emails to your subscribers on regular or periodical basis helps a lot to build reputation of your blog. Try to make these emails productive and error free, because once it is sent you can’t edit or delete it. So be ultra careful in sending emails.


Your blog is your brand.

If you attract more audience to your blog then you will get more scope of earning. Your continuous efforts can make a huge difference to your blogging skills. You can find a lot of other articles related to blogging and blogging basics in this website. You can check them too for your in-depth knowledge on the topic. If you have any other points to add to this post, then please comment below.

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